Granola...It's Not Just For Breakfast Anymore!

Granola.  Golden brown, crunchy, lightly sweet.  Loaded with dried fruits, nuts, both, or plain.  Honey, molasses, maple syrup.  Coconut?  Sure!  Peanut Butter?  You betcha!  Chocolate chips and cocoa powder?  Why not?

Granola has been around in some form or another since one neanderthal carrying a bowl of peanut butter ran into a guy carrying a bag of oats, and the rest they say....history. 

Here at Hearth Strings we know one thing and we know it well.  Granola.  We started over 15 years ago making granola to take to farmer's market one summer for just a little bit of cash to put toward our family grocery budget.  This enabled our mom to stay home and teach homeschool and make our home a place we look forward to being at when we're away. 

All these years later we have a faithful, strong following of what we affectionately call our "Granola Friends" who still regularly order their favorite flavors and look forward to new ones when something special comes from the ovens. 

Over the past few years our mom has had some major health issues that were a real challenge for us to balance.  Between having to adapt to those changes, keeping school a priority, and managing other responsibilities on the Hearth Strings Farm it's been a bit of a rough row to hoe.  But God has been gracious and merciful, and He continues to bless our efforts to serve Him as well as take good care of our family and our Granola Friends.

Our granolas are all based on an old Amish recipe from a dear friend's family cookbook.  All of the batches are made small to maintain control over quality and flavor.  We use only premium ingredients in every recipe so you get a delicious bowl of flavor with each serving. 

But did you know you can do so much more with our fresh-baked cereals than just pour a cupful and add milk?  One of our favorite treats on a cold winter morning is a cup of granola in a microwave-safe bowl, add milk to just below covering.  Microwave for a minute or two (all micros are different), stirring just to keep it smooth.  Remove and add a dab of milk or cream.  You're taste buds will beg for this delicious delight daily!  Even your kids will enjoy!  We think Maple Brown Sugar is one of the best flavors we offer for this treat.  You can buy a 1-pound pack to give it a try, but we're sure you'll be back for a bigger pack next time!  That's why we offer our 5-pound bag too!

Be sure to drop by our Facebook page for Hearth Strings Granola Products and click LIKE and FOLLOW.  That way you'll get notices of any upcoming events, sales, special promotions, etc.  You'll also see LIVE events we do periodically where we feature tasty ways to use our granola products. 

On our LIVE events you'll see things like rustic Granola Trifle, Baked Apples with Maple, Peanut Butter Granola Cookies, and Country Baked Apple Pie with Cran-Orange Walnut Butter Crunch Crumb Top.  You won't want to miss it because during each LIVE event we also give away something delicious to someone watching! Just another way we like to help folks think outside the cereal box! 

Hope to see you soon when we do another LIVE from the Bakery and we share....from our hearth to yours!

The Paquin Family of

Hearth Strings Foods


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